A letter from one of your show creators.

A letter from one of your show creators.

1024 1024 Dated The Series

You are not alone. You have not lost your mind. The tests came back positive. And the dating world is crazy right now. Oh and also, you’re pregnant so invest in a good prenatal vitamin.

Anyway, back to dating today. (Some) people think it’s okay to not breakup with each other, strangers meet off the internet for coffee and wonder why they have no chemistry, bars are no longer for desperate singles but just desperate alcoholics…I mean I could go on, or you could save time and just watch our super short, endearingly funny, groundbreaking new show.

Okay fine, you’re still here. So DATED was born out of real life frustration. You see, I used to have to not date. I was one of THOSE people in a safe, long-term, loving relationship. Then I was thrown back into the dating world and here’s the best part: I WAS CONFIDENT AF.

What an idiot! But I never really thought dating was that hard to be honest. Know the psycho warning signs, have a charming personality, read books so you have something to talk about, don’t act desperate, curl your eyelashes, wear a push-up bra, go to the gym a little but talk about it a lot, and intermittently be a cold bitch to keep them scared and interested. How hard is that?

But no. No, no. That’s how dating worked in the 90’s. The 2000’s, maybe. But it’s the 2010’s, people. (Is that what they’re calling this decade? And is it rude to call you “people”?)

Anyway, what I’m saying is things had changed. Actually, everything had changed. So I had to ask my little sister for advice on how to date and act like a true millennial. And everything she said to me made no sense. In fact, everything everyone said to me made no sense. I WAS LIKE I DON’T SPEAK CHINESE. DOES ANYONE HERE SPEAK ENGLISH? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! WE LIVE IN AMERICA!! WE HAVE NO OFFICIAL LANGUAGE!

To sum it up, I was a nostalgic millennial who just wanted to party and date like it was 1999. But those days were gone. And it all just made me feel frustrated. And DATED af.

So that’s what the show is about. And MORE!

What, did you think I was going to spoil it for you? I made a dramatized version so you could watch it gosh. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?


So click here and laugh at my pain. Then head back over to the blog to discuss the show.


Thanks, bye!


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