Discuss Episode 9: Will you hold me like a man?

1024 558 Dated The Series

I know. You’re devastated. Season 1 is over? After only 9 episodes? Where’s the 10th you lazy bitches??? Funny you should ask. We actually shot 10 episodes but our acting was so terrifyingly terrible in one of them that we had to cut it. Yeah. It happens to even the best web series actors. So 9…

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Discuss Episode 8: Am I anti-social?

1024 556 Dated The Series

I’m not anti-social. I’m anti-SOCIAL. Hmmm I’ll be honest I’m not sure how to punctuate that one and still have it make sense. Let me clarify. I’m very social in social situations out in the world with physical beings where you need to talk to people and make friends. I’m anti social MEDIA. Well, I…

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Discuss Episode 7: Am I ghosted?

1024 586 Dated The Series

In the 90’s I was scared of being broken up with. Now, I’m scared of not being broken up with. My biggest dating fear is NOT GETTING DUMPED. What has the world come to??? Being dumped now sounds like a dream. It’s far better than NEVER HEARING FROM SOMEONE AGAIN. I’m looking at you, Tom!…

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Discuss Episode 6: Are we all blind dating?

1024 563 Dated The Series

Are we all blind dating? I’m not an online dater. Call me dated, but I just think it’s weird af to meet complete strangers off the internet and assume we will have any chemistry or connection. And I hate wasting time, money, and expensive mascara. I’m clearly in the minority because everyone’s doing it and many…

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Discuss Episode 5: Did he just ask me out?

1024 587 Dated The Series

Did he just ask me out? I don’t know about you but since things are so casual these days, I get really excited when a guy I like asks me out on a real date. Not a coffee, not a meet up, not an I’ll hit you up later, like a real live human date.…

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Discuss Episode 4: Can he make me insta-famous?

1024 557 Dated The Series

Can he make me insta-famous? Have you ever dreamed about being internet famous? Be honest. People can get famous now for anything. Being a guy at Target, having Starbucks drake hands, breathing air and having internet access. But people still get famous for having talent too. Singers and comedians are discovered on youtube and Instagram…

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Discuss Episode 3: Who wants to be a millennial?

1024 545 Dated The Series

Who wants to be a millennial? Not me. How about you? Let us know in the comments below! Okay fine I’ll write a little bit more. DATED was really inspired by the fact that I just don’t feel like I fit into my generation. I just. I don’t get it. Why should I care about…

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Discuss Episode 2: Am I trying too hard?

1024 655 Dated The Series

Let’s be honest. We live in a pretty casual dating culture. But it wasn’t always this way. Guys used to call and ask girls on dates. And those girls would dress up and those guys would pay. It all sounds very B.C. I know, but I promise this was still somewhat standard practice until at least…

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Discuss Episode 1: Who pays more?

1024 557 Dated The Series

It’s hard to know really. Is there life on Mars? Did I overdraft my checking account this morning? And who pays more to date? We may never know the answers. To most of those questions.  Which is exactly why we addressed this topic. We felt who pays more on a date, and who should pay,…

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A letter from one of your show creators.

1024 1024 Dated The Series

You are not alone. You have not lost your mind. The tests came back positive. And the dating world is crazy right now. Oh and also, you’re pregnant so invest in a good prenatal vitamin. Anyway, back to dating today. (Some) people think it’s okay to not breakup with each other, strangers meet off the…

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