Discuss Episode 6: Are we all blind dating?

Discuss Episode 6: Are we all blind dating?

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Are we all blind dating?

I’m not an online dater. Call me dated, but I just think it’s weird af to meet complete strangers off the internet and assume we will have any chemistry or connection. And I hate wasting time, money, and expensive mascara.

I’m clearly in the minority because everyone’s doing it and many are actually finding love SO WHAT DO I KNOW EXCEPT NOTHING.

But I do think it’s blind dating and a lot of people get really offended when I say that. My best friend met her future husband on a blind date. She met his aunt who insisted they’d love each other, and she still talked to him beforehand, but she still called it a blind date.

And there’s nothing wrong with blind dates. I just think it’s fair to consider that you don’t know a person until you’ve met them. And it’s fair to consider that blind dating isn’t the only form of dating. People look at me like I’m batshit crazy because I don’t date online.

“BUT HOW DO YOU MEET PEOPLE???” they demand. “You always have a boyfriend,” they add.

Um, you know, in person, like how everyone used to do it since the beginning of time?

The beauty of meeting someone in person is you get to see if you have chemistry and if they smell weird or have a wedding ring or a unicorn horn. It’s the perfect pre-screen. Then you go on a date based off chemistry, attraction, and connection to potentially build on that or light it on fire and burn it straight to the ground.

Why am I explaining this like you’ve never met anyone in person before? It’s super rude, right?

And don’t get me wrong. I get it. It’s tough to meet people in person. I’ve noticed a huge decline in how friendly people are since the popularization of dating apps. People don’t talk to each other at parties and bars anymore BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE TO. Believe it or not, people used to not have a choice, the used to HAVE to talk to people. A tragedy, I know.

(6 years ago): Looking to get laid or find a mate? Well you better put some pants on, because you’re going to leave the house and talk to strangers.

I just worry our social skills are declining as our social media reliance increases. And we’re better than that.

And I’m signing up for Tinder as we speak.

So what do you think. Are we all blind dating? And are we social media savvy but socially inept?

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