Discuss Episode 5: Did he just ask me out?

Discuss Episode 5: Did he just ask me out?

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Did he just ask me out?

I don’t know about you but since things are so casual these days, I get really excited when a guy I like asks me out on a real date. Not a coffee, not a meet up, not an I’ll hit you up later, like a real live human date. With a meal. And a time. And potential romance.

I know. Could I be setting the bar any lower? SAD!

Anyway, once upon a time when a guy I liked asked me on a date it set off a whole dream sequence. I felt like I really earned something, like I won an award and needed to thank everyone for helping me secure that date. Because we all know it takes a village. So that’s why we wrote this episode. From a place of pathetic, romantic, dream-sequence-inducing emotional truth.

How do you feel when someone you like asks you on a date? Or more importantly, am I just a big fat loser? Let us know in the comments below!

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