Discuss Episode 4: Can he make me insta-famous?

Discuss Episode 4: Can he make me insta-famous?

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Can he make me insta-famous?

Have you ever dreamed about being internet famous? Be honest. People can get famous now for anything. Being a guy at Target, having Starbucks drake hands, breathing air and having internet access. But people still get famous for having talent too. Singers and comedians are discovered on youtube and Instagram so who am I to say internet fame is only for the untalented?

Have you ever really thought about being an “influencer”? I mean if I could get paid to sell clothes I like or talk about my favorite morning smoothies, frankly I would take that deal.

I think the question really is: Do we hate influencers or do we all secretly want to be one?

Let us know your thoughts. Oh and follow us on Instagram @DatedTheSeries, @MeganDizon, and @HaelyWhite because we’re available for all branding and sponsorship opportunities.


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