Discuss Episode 2: Am I trying too hard?

Discuss Episode 2: Am I trying too hard?

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Let’s be honest. We live in a pretty casual dating culture. But it wasn’t always this way. Guys used to call and ask girls on dates. And those girls would dress up and those guys would pay. It all sounds very┬áB.C. I know, but I promise this was still somewhat standard practice until at least 2010.

Now it’s common to meet people online, with the flick of a wrist, and potentially not go on dates at all. Coffee meet ups are common, as are hey, I’m not sure I’m into you because you could be a spambot or just really not my type so meet me at Yoga on Main. Or let’s call the whole thing off and climb into bed.

So romantic. So imagine everyone’s shock when I was leaving work early, getting my nails done, and basically doing my best to look like a pretty and presentable human being everytime I had a “date.” I started to wonder….am I trying to hard? Or do I just have high standards? Or am I totally wasting my time? Or do I have class and no one appreciate that anymore? Or have I bought into the unrealistic physical expectations or a patriarchical society? Or does this just make me feel good so who gives af?

What do you think? Do you try too hard? Or not hard enough?

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