Discuss Episode 1: Who pays more?

Discuss Episode 1: Who pays more?

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It’s hard to know really. Is there life on Mars? Did I overdraft my checking account this morning? And who pays more to date?

We may never know the answers. To most of those questions.  Which is exactly why we addressed this topic. We felt who pays more on a date, and who should pay, was a perfectly dated and taboo subject that would enrage people and make them feel uncomfortable around their peers and significant others. Which is the perfect place to start a show. Duh.

But why is it so taboo? Why can’t we talk about romantic finances in a calm, rational manner? And why do I keep asking rhetorical questions instead of providing answers?

Here are my thoughts. When I go on dates, I get dolled up. That costs money. And don’t get me wrong, I’m all about equality which is exactly why I feel like if I’m always splitting the check, that’s not that equal. Not that a guy has to pay for my beauty routine, but I always wondered, why doesn’t anyone ever factor in how much a woman spends getting ready for a date, or for life in general? That feels unfair to me. Why do we just assume if we split the check that we’re being equal to all parties? When women make 75 cents to the dollar no less! And honestly, it’s not even about the money, it’s that I’m attracted to guys with good manners and a generous spirit.

Okay, I’m getting emotional. But that’s why we wrote this episode. To share more than one side of the story. Because I get it. Everyone pays a price. If you’re the one pursuing, you have to invest time, emotion, and money AND try to figure out your date’s point of view. Will they be offended if you try to pay or offended if you don’t? HOW DO WE DATE IN A GENERATION WHERE THERE ARE NO RULES? AHHHHHHHHH!

So, what are your thoughts?  Which character do you relate to? And who really pays more? Tell us in the comments below.

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