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Discuss Episode 9: Will you hold me like a man?

I know. You’re devastated. Season 1 is over? After only 9 episodes? Where’s the 10th you lazy bitches???

Funny you should ask. We actually shot 10 episodes but our acting was so terrifyingly terrible in one of them that we had to cut it. Yeah. It happens to even the best web series actors. So 9 it was.

Anyway, back to the finale. We figured we’d end it on a serious note. No dream sequences. No sketchy elements. No dance montages, Just two sad single girls crying in a park. Because thats what being single feels like sometimes. Yes, contrary to popular belief, singledom isn’t all sitcom fun—a form of entertainment for the masses. Sometimes it just sucks. And it’s lonely. And it’s not funny at all.

Sometimes you thought you were free from being ghosted and then someone disappears on you ALL OVER AGAIN. And you end up drunk in a park with your best friend even though it’s illegal to drink and be adults without children in a children’s park.

What’re ya gonna do. So Episode 9 is for all the single ladies and gentlemen out there. We hear you. We see you. We feel you. We drink grape juice out of a wine bottle and rent a public park for $2000 dollars to film this episode for you.

So, is Rory ghosted? Will you hold me like a man? And will you help us fund and distribute Season 2 so we can give you some answers? Seriously, if you’re interested in partnering with us for Season 2 thank you, and please send us a note in the comments.

And an extra special thank you to EVERYONE who helped make this show possible. Our cast, our crew, our parents, our crowdfunders, and our emotional supporters. All 9 episodes are for you.


Megan + Haely

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Discuss Episode 8: Am I anti-social?

I’m not anti-social. I’m anti-SOCIAL.

Hmmm I’ll be honest I’m not sure how to punctuate that one and still have it make sense.

Let me clarify. I’m very social in social situations out in the world with physical beings where you need to talk to people and make friends.

I’m anti social MEDIA. Well, I was. Now I’m like omg f that am I stupid I could build an audience and monetize it hahahahha jokes on you internet!

For real though, I’m literally reading books like a big fat loser about how to build my social media platform. In the real world we call that personal growth.

Aww! I’m so cool. I’m not sure what the question is with this blog frankly. I guess it’s: Is anyone else anti-social media but like super fun and cool and charming in person? Let us know in the comments below! I can’t believe I keep saying that it’s so basic and annoying. If you know a better way of saying “Let us know in the comments below,” then let us know in the comments below!

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Discuss Episode 7: Am I ghosted?

In the 90’s I was scared of being broken up with.

Now, I’m scared of not being broken up with.

My biggest dating fear is NOT GETTING DUMPED. What has the world come to???

Being dumped now sounds like a dream. It’s far better than NEVER HEARING FROM SOMEONE AGAIN. I’m looking at you, Tom!

Just kidding I’m not. Because you’re dead to me. Because you’re a ghost that disappeared but still magically lives 6 blocks from me and goes to my Starbucks.

We’re better than this, you guys. How do you feel about the current state of breakups? Or lack thereof?

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Discuss Episode 6: Are we all blind dating?

Are we all blind dating?

I’m not an online dater. Call me dated, but I just think it’s weird af to meet complete strangers off the internet and assume we will have any chemistry or connection. And I hate wasting time, money, and expensive mascara.

I’m clearly in the minority because everyone’s doing it and many are actually finding love SO WHAT DO I KNOW EXCEPT NOTHING.

But I do think it’s blind dating and a lot of people get really offended when I say that. My best friend met her future husband on a blind date. She met his aunt who insisted they’d love each other, and she still talked to him beforehand, but she still called it a blind date.

And there’s nothing wrong with blind dates. I just think it’s fair to consider that you don’t know a person until you’ve met them. And it’s fair to consider that blind dating isn’t the only form of dating. People look at me like I’m batshit crazy because I don’t date online.

“BUT HOW DO YOU MEET PEOPLE???” they demand. “You always have a boyfriend,” they add.

Um, you know, in person, like how everyone used to do it since the beginning of time?

The beauty of meeting someone in person is you get to see if you have chemistry and if they smell weird or have a wedding ring or a unicorn horn. It’s the perfect pre-screen. Then you go on a date based off chemistry, attraction, and connection to potentially build on that or light it on fire and burn it straight to the ground.

Why am I explaining this like you’ve never met anyone in person before? It’s super rude, right?

And don’t get me wrong. I get it. It’s tough to meet people in person. I’ve noticed a huge decline in how friendly people are since the popularization of dating apps. People don’t talk to each other at parties and bars anymore BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE TO. Believe it or not, people used to not have a choice, the used to HAVE to talk to people. A tragedy, I know.

(6 years ago): Looking to get laid or find a mate? Well you better put some pants on, because you’re going to leave the house and talk to strangers.

I just worry our social skills are declining as our social media reliance increases. And we’re better than that.

And I’m signing up for Tinder as we speak.

So what do you think. Are we all blind dating? And are we social media savvy but socially inept?

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Discuss Episode 5: Did he just ask me out?

Did he just ask me out?

I don’t know about you but since things are so casual these days, I get really excited when a guy I like asks me out on a real date. Not a coffee, not a meet up, not an I’ll hit you up later, like a real live human date. With a meal. And a time. And potential romance.

I know. Could I be setting the bar any lower? SAD!

Anyway, once upon a time when a guy I liked asked me on a date it set off a whole dream sequence. I felt like I really earned something, like I won an award and needed to thank everyone for helping me secure that date. Because we all know it takes a village. So that’s why we wrote this episode. From a place of pathetic, romantic, dream-sequence-inducing emotional truth.

How do you feel when someone you like asks you on a date? Or more importantly, am I just a big fat loser? Let us know in the comments below!

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Discuss Episode 4: Can he make me insta-famous?

Can he make me insta-famous?

Have you ever dreamed about being internet famous? Be honest. People can get famous now for anything. Being a guy at Target, having Starbucks drake hands, breathing air and having internet access. But people still get famous for having talent too. Singers and comedians are discovered on youtube and Instagram so who am I to say internet fame is only for the untalented?

Have you ever really thought about being an “influencer”? I mean if I could get paid to sell clothes I like or talk about my favorite morning smoothies, frankly I would take that deal.

I think the question really is: Do we hate influencers or do we all secretly want to be one?

Let us know your thoughts. Oh and follow us on Instagram @DatedTheSeries, @MeganDizon, and @HaelyWhite because we’re available for all branding and sponsorship opportunities.


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Discuss Episode 3: Who wants to be a millennial?

Who wants to be a millennial?

Not me.

How about you? Let us know in the comments below!

Okay fine I’ll write a little bit more. DATED was really inspired by the fact that I just don’t feel like I fit into my generation. I just. I don’t get it. Why should I care about how many followers I have when I have amazing real life friends? Why should I care about Beyonce when I miss Destiny’s Child? Why do I have to go to so many goddamn festivals? And why do I have to dress like a native American princess while I’m there? I’m Filipino!

It’s just all very confusing for me. I miss the 90’s when guys asked girls on dates in person or on the phone. When we prized manners over brutal honesty. When people read books and not just tweets. And when Coachella didn’t exist. Okay fine it was started in 1999 and I’ve been twice. And I had a pretty decent time. AND I bought presale tickets for next year. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR???

I know, I’m negating my own point. I guess I just have mixed feelings about my generation. There are a lot of good things about us millennials damnit! I like that we value social causes, and start businesses that give back. I like that most people our age don’t think it’s okay to be racist, homophobic, or misogynist. That’s a plus. I mean the Civil Rights Act was passed in the 60’s. Schools were segregated until the 50’s. I’m mixed race. If I was born in the 50’s I guess half my body would be going to a white kindergarten and the other half would be going to a brown one?

That sounds terrible. And scientifically impossible, Maybe this millennial thing isn’t so bad after all. Maybe I’m just a negative bitch that needs to get with the times.

So what do you think? Do you want to be a millennial?

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Discuss Episode 2: Am I trying too hard?

Let’s be honest. We live in a pretty casual dating culture. But it wasn’t always this way. Guys used to call and ask girls on dates. And those girls would dress up and those guys would pay. It all sounds very B.C. I know, but I promise this was still somewhat standard practice until at least 2010.

Now it’s common to meet people online, with the flick of a wrist, and potentially not go on dates at all. Coffee meet ups are common, as are hey, I’m not sure I’m into you because you could be a spambot or just really not my type so meet me at Yoga on Main. Or let’s call the whole thing off and climb into bed.

So romantic. So imagine everyone’s shock when I was leaving work early, getting my nails done, and basically doing my best to look like a pretty and presentable human being everytime I had a “date.” I started to wonder….am I trying to hard? Or do I just have high standards? Or am I totally wasting my time? Or do I have class and no one appreciate that anymore? Or have I bought into the unrealistic physical expectations or a patriarchical society? Or does this just make me feel good so who gives af?

What do you think? Do you try too hard? Or not hard enough?

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Discuss Episode 1: Who pays more?

It’s hard to know really. Is there life on Mars? Did I overdraft my checking account this morning? And who pays more to date?

We may never know the answers. To most of those questions.  Which is exactly why we addressed this topic. We felt who pays more on a date, and who should pay, was a perfectly dated and taboo subject that would enrage people and make them feel uncomfortable around their peers and significant others. Which is the perfect place to start a show. Duh.

But why is it so taboo? Why can’t we talk about romantic finances in a calm, rational manner? And why do I keep asking rhetorical questions instead of providing answers?

Here are my thoughts. When I go on dates, I get dolled up. That costs money. And don’t get me wrong, I’m all about equality which is exactly why I feel like if I’m always splitting the check, that’s not that equal. Not that a guy has to pay for my beauty routine, but I always wondered, why doesn’t anyone ever factor in how much a woman spends getting ready for a date, or for life in general? That feels unfair to me. Why do we just assume if we split the check that we’re being equal to all parties? When women make 75 cents to the dollar no less! And honestly, it’s not even about the money, it’s that I’m attracted to guys with good manners and a generous spirit.

Okay, I’m getting emotional. But that’s why we wrote this episode. To share more than one side of the story. Because I get it. Everyone pays a price. If you’re the one pursuing, you have to invest time, emotion, and money AND try to figure out your date’s point of view. Will they be offended if you try to pay or offended if you don’t? HOW DO WE DATE IN A GENERATION WHERE THERE ARE NO RULES? AHHHHHHHHH!

So, what are your thoughts?  Which character do you relate to? And who really pays more? Tell us in the comments below.

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A letter from one of your show creators.

You are not alone. You have not lost your mind. The tests came back positive. And the dating world is crazy right now. Oh and also, you’re pregnant so invest in a good prenatal vitamin.

Anyway, back to dating today. (Some) people think it’s okay to not breakup with each other, strangers meet off the internet for coffee and wonder why they have no chemistry, bars are no longer for desperate singles but just desperate alcoholics…I mean I could go on, or you could save time and just watch our super short, endearingly funny, groundbreaking new show.

Okay fine, you’re still here. So DATED was born out of real life frustration. You see, I used to have to not date. I was one of THOSE people in a safe, long-term, loving relationship. Then I was thrown back into the dating world and here’s the best part: I WAS CONFIDENT AF.

What an idiot! But I never really thought dating was that hard to be honest. Know the psycho warning signs, have a charming personality, read books so you have something to talk about, don’t act desperate, curl your eyelashes, wear a push-up bra, go to the gym a little but talk about it a lot, and intermittently be a cold bitch to keep them scared and interested. How hard is that?

But no. No, no. That’s how dating worked in the 90’s. The 2000’s, maybe. But it’s the 2010’s, people. (Is that what they’re calling this decade? And is it rude to call you “people”?)

Anyway, what I’m saying is things had changed. Actually, everything had changed. So I had to ask my little sister for advice on how to date and act like a true millennial. And everything she said to me made no sense. In fact, everything everyone said to me made no sense. I WAS LIKE I DON’T SPEAK CHINESE. DOES ANYONE HERE SPEAK ENGLISH? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! WE LIVE IN AMERICA!! WE HAVE NO OFFICIAL LANGUAGE!

To sum it up, I was a nostalgic millennial who just wanted to party and date like it was 1999. But those days were gone. And it all just made me feel frustrated. And DATED af.

So that’s what the show is about. And MORE!

What, did you think I was going to spoil it for you? I made a dramatized version so you could watch it gosh. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?


So click here and laugh at my pain. Then head back over to the blog to discuss the show.


Thanks, bye!